36 Days of Type

This year I joined 36 Days of Type. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's an annual project that invites designers, illustrations or graphic designers to make their own creative interpretation of the letters of the alphabet. Consider it a Typography exercise. :P

I did most of it on digital while some letters that had significant meaning to me, were hand-painted using a mix of brush pens, acrylics, and gouache. I was pretty stoked to see my letter H featured on the brand's page. That was a first for me. 

The following month after the challenge ended I was finally able to make all 26 letters on the alphabet. I didn't have time to paint all of them. 

36 Days of Type Final-01.jpg
36 Days of Type Final-02.jpg
36 Days of Type Final-03.jpg

Btw, I made a new Instagram for my art and design explorations.
You can go check it out!