Winter in Sa Pa

Sapa 1.png

48 Hours in Sapa

A 7 hour ride from from Hanoi, the town of Sapa in known as a trekking base for hikers who want to visit the countryside with the view of it's famous rice terraces and visit the local hill-tribe people.


It's ideal to go before the harvest season so you can see the fields in lush green. Sapa has a different charm over the seasons. On winters, I've heard that it snows sometimes and it would be surreal to see the fields covered with in white. Unfortunately it wasn't. The mountains and valleys are covered with thick mist but it didn't made it less beautiful.


The misty mountains of Sapa


Trekking for 2 days and staying with the local hill-tribe along with the friends we made was one one of the most humbling and memorable experience we ever made in Vietnam. 



MIsh Abalos